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Potential client analysis

Lithuanian Export Centre provides a support for businesses for international expansion. The objectives are fulfilled through collaboration with businesses export subdivisions, providing consultation and advice services as well as technical support. L.E.C. team will analyse your companies export opportunities. By assessing the existing resources and operational capacity, company's needs and pre-export situation and applicability of the Product/Service to foreign markets settings.

Selection of export market

In order to expand its range of activities, L.E.C. performs in-depth market analysis of partner countries based on which strategic decisions for trade expansion are made. LEC operational phases include:
• General information about the business development conditions in the partner countries (if desired);
• Detailed import structure analysis of each partner country;
• The latest information about the product / service market size, distribution channels and market development forecasts;
• Competitive environment rating: detailed information about market participants - the number of competitors and their market share;
• Comparative analysis of selected markets;
• Selection of relevant markets for the company‘s products or services.

Partner search and signing a contract

We search for potential buyers and distributors with regards to establishing contacts with foreign partners. In addition, we organize business meetings between You and the foreign partner and support companies during business trips to our partner countries. Lithuanian Export Center assures establishment and maintenance of the relationship between the company and external partners with an intention to signing an agreement beneficial for both parties. Finally L.E.C. crew will ensures the support for successful further cooperation between you and your foreign partner.

Additional opportunities for foreign partners

Companies that want to expand their international sales network, in cooperation with the L.E.C. has the opportunity to find business partners in Lithuania and establish valuable contacts.
Lithuanian market opportunities studies are carried out as well as individual research of the industries and risk assessments/ You may submit inquiries or suggestions for Lithuanian manufacturers and service providers.
All offers regarding cooperation are successfully forwarded to Lithuanian companies.


Organization of business trips to the partner county;
• Risk assessment of a company (future partner) and a country;
• Tips for communication and marketing issues;
• Solutions to export-related problems concerning the goods/services encountered in the partner countries;
• Training and Education includes: Introductory;
Specialized (only certain industries representatives).

Information services & future projects

• Import regulations and requirements in partner countries;
• Duties and custom regulations of partner countries;
• National export duties, procedures, licensing and permits;
• Transport and Logistics;
• International fairs and events.
• Lithuanian exporters database;
• Preparation of the annual publication “Lithuanian Products in the Global Market“;
• Promote the brand "Made in Lithuania" ("Made in EU") to become synonymous with quality and reliability.